Remove password protected pdf mac

You can remove password from pdf in Windows without spending a dime. And the trick is to use Google Chrome for that.

We can use these to remove the password protection from any document. Now, you will be asked to enter the password for the PDF file. Enter the password and the document will be opened.

How to Remove Password from PDF using MAC

Your file will be saved to the given location in your computer. Interestingly, this trick can be used in Mac as well. This can remove passwords from PDF files. Launch the software and you will be asked to select the location of the password protected PDF file. Now Save the file. When you will open it from the saved location, you will not be asked to enter the password.

Also, by highlighting text, and adding signatures, the data becomes more relevant.

Password Protect PDF on Mac

It can be used by multiple users, provided that they have a PDF reader on their device. This cross-platform software can be used on any device which has a PDF reader. It can be accessed on phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Why to remove password protection from a PDF file

Since PDF files are one of the best ways to transfer data, they are sometimes protected by passwords. When passwords are used to protect the files, all the data is encrypted. Hence, it is used only by people who need to use the data.

This then protects sensitive information. It allows users to share information, without worrying about the data may be compromised. This password can then be shared. Then, the receiver can use the relevant information.

Part 1. How to Remove Password on PDF on Mac and Windows

While transferring PDF files from one system to another, it often becomes important to use passwords to protect them. This prevents loss of sensitive information. However, once received and accessed, the password is no longer required. It becomes difficult to keep re-entering the password when the user wishes to use the data.

Thus, there should be mechanisms to remove the password. Several applications have been designed for this purpose.


Can't Print Secured PDF? Remove All Restrictions Now! [Quick, Easy]

Additionally, operating systems like those present on the Mac systems have in-built functions to do this. The file is decrypted automatically when it is opened. Thus, by saving the file again, it is saved in its decrypted form. All the protection forms which were in-built with the PDF document are removed by the process. A similar process may be done even on Windows systems.

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Hence, the user can use the file as many times as required, without needing to give the password again. This simple, direct method is the most common way to unlock and save PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid application. Different from the reader, it allows the user to change permissions.